The 10 Best “Friends” Episodes To Watch On Netflix Right Now


2015 brought “Friends” to Netflix, causing many to excitedly binge watch every episode and others to post weirdly aggressive Facebook statuses about how they HATE “Friends” and THEY are doing OTHER things, HMMPH.

Anyways, not everyone cares that much one way or the other and if you just kind of want to watch a few episodes here and there, listed below are the ones to watch.


The One Where Ross Eats A Whole Ship

Ross eats a ship for the first 14 minutes of the episode. monica can’t tell if her new boyfriend is a banker or a chef and doesn’t want to ask. chandler and joey forget how hands work. rachel dies

best line: “are you eating a boat ross. ross are you eating a boat”


The One Where 15 Men Named Brenda Sit On The 1 Couch

15 men all named Brenda sit on the Central Perk couch for the whole episode. This episode takes place over a period of 8 years

best line: “we are all named Brenda”


The One With All The Lamps

It rains lamps at night, so all the friends are like, “what? is this day?” and then ross cries. a lamp bonks monica in the chin, so from now on all the friends are like, “MONICA. your chin sucks!!!!”

best line: no one talks in this one I think


The One Where No One Can Tell the Difference Between Ross And A Crying Baby

A baby pushes itself in a stroller into Central Perk at the same time as Ross walks in there and all the Friends are like, “hey ross” and the baby goes “hey” at the same time as Ross goes “hey” and they look at each other like “what???” and the rest of the Friends go, “who is ross?” and someone shouts “who cares” from the audience and then the episode’s over

memorable guest star: joey


The One Where Chandler’s Legs Fall Off And Turn Into Two Other Chandlers But Smaller

Chandler trips over a table and his legs fall off and he’s like “shit.” but then they like turn into little chandlers who are like, “could we BE any smaller????” and everyone laughs for 28 minutes until all the chandlers eyes start glowing and everything catches fire


The One Where Rachel Marries A Jeep Because She Thinks It’s Ross

When a jeep drives into Central Perk, everyone’s like, “hey, ross.” then rachel marries the car. the car just is ross now


The One With Chandler’s Brother Whose First Name Is Bing Too, His Name Is Bing Bing

Chandler’s brother visits chandler at his work and just goes nuts. like he just throws desks at people and eats everyone’s almonds. Both his first and last name is Bing, his name is Bing Bing. The other 5 friends are baking some beans, whatever


The One Where Joey is 18 months pregnant

Joey has been pregnant for almost 2 years and the gang starts to get the feeling that something might be up

best line: “we are worried about joey”


The One Where Fat Monica is All 6 Of The Characters

6 Fat Monicas just hang the hell out in her apartment and 1 of them eventually says, “hey why are all of us the same 1 person?” and then 6 fat Richards fall through the roof and everyone kisses

memorable guest star: fat Tom Selleck


The One Where The Central Perk Couch Quits

That couch that the friends hang out on all the time stands up and walks out the front door, pissed the hell off. A riot happens

memorable line: “fuck this. i. i am a couch”

memorable guest star: Alec Baldwin as “Ross”


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